Renovation Process

This is a typical example of how an old AGA range is received before the renovation process. Each AGA range is then stripped down and palleted All enamelled parts are stripped and sent to the enamelling company
The AGA range has all colouring removed using the shot blasting process. The next phase is for your AGA range to be annealed (which will remove all of the impurities in the cast iron) by a process of gradually heating and cooling. The next phase is the enamelling renovation process where various coats are applied to ensure even colouring before they are placed in the ovens.
The Aga in its heated state and once cooled is ready for reassembly. The end of the renovation process and a AGA range that looks and works like new. .  
AGA Range 13 AMP Electrical Conversion Kit

If you are fed up with the continuous rise in the price of oil, then we have the answer! Why don't you (or let us) convert your Aga to 13 amp electric using our Newton Conversion Kit.

The Newton Conversion is the best way to turn your Aga into an environmentally friendly cooker that saves you money. It can be installed into two or four oven model Aga's that run on oil, gas or solid fuel. (Solid Fuel versions may need other slight alterations). Contact us on 01283 575143 for more information or visit....

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